The 16th International Workshop for Young Scientists “BioPhys Spring 2017”  will be held in Lublin. Lublin is the largest city in Eastern Poland, located on the beautifully landscaped grounds of the Lublin Upland. The city impresses with its more than 700-year history. The well maintained old town creates a unique and magical atmosphere of the city, which crosses cultures and religions of many nations. The Lublin Airport (IATA: LUZ, ICAO:EPLB) is placed in Świdnik, about 20 km from the centre of Lublin.

The seminar will take place in The Institute of Agrophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences (4 Doświadczalna Str., 20-290 Lublin Poland), which is located about 7 km from the Old Town.

In the frame of the conference we invite participants for a trip to The Chełm Chalk Tunnels (in Polish Chełmskie Podziemia Kredowe), which are a system of tunnels dug into the chalk under the city of Chełm (about 65 km from Lublin). The tunnelling began in the Middle Ages for chalk mining and was discontinued in the 19th century. The underground tunnels also served Chełm’s inhabitants as shelters during raids, wars and pillage.

The trip will be held on 2nd of June 2017. Please, remember about warm clothes – in chalk tunnels is the temperature of 9 degrees Celsius. The trip is FREE for conference participants.